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“Innovate or stagnate!”

When Lord Weinstock made that statement he was head of the largest engineering company in Europe- Britains GEC.

At Magdek we believe like Lord Weinstock that our community must earn its way through inventive and real wealth creation. Currently we are reengineering our complete range of products. From calf ventilation units to poultry extract chimneys. From fan coil units to mobile biomass heat centres. 

Our extract chimneys and reliners, will be optimised for maximum output and pressure when we are finished. Our range will include a high pressure 920mm fan with non invasive light baffle and locking shutters. Surprisingly it will still be 20% cheaper than any imported chimney. Your purchases will cause a  minimum carbon footprint and require no expensive installation costs.

Our biomass systems use twin head  pumps, because chicks need reliable heat flow. More than that we are reengineering all of our fan coils and in future all fan coil heaters will be despatched with a full British Standard test certificate.  You will have 3 operating curves for each heater purchased.A first for the UK market.

If your growing potatoes- its a poor crop return cycle currently. So why not  think about installing one of our latest glycol coolers and renting a chiller when its needed. The glycol coolers we make are 25% more powerful than Freon evaporators and allow much closer TD with proportionately less weight loss in the crop.

We have  a new sales office and store in Montgomeryshire, at LLanfair Caereinion. And a bright new sales manager El Lewis who can be contacted through the enquiry/order form or on 07530720905. El specialises in calf and cattle sales and is a dab hand with Mastitis treatments as well. Shes also no stranger to the broiler industry.

If you have questions about poultry or pig ventilation and heating- contact Derek on 07710295584. We wont try to sell you a boiler- we will offer you a system of ventilation or heating that will make your life easier and your farm more profitable.


Our engineering has earned our staff their living for 19 years. Innovation will create a better product range, a more cost effective answer for you. For the next 19 years.



We provide heating, cooling and ventilation systems for the agricultural industry

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If you would like to to enquire via phone, please call +44(0)28 9262 9609. Speak directly to Derek Morgan or a member of the Magdek Team.

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