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Magdek – making farming more profitable.

Agriculture margins are once again being eaten into by retailler profits. Returns are being squeezed in businesses that are already lean. The only answer for agriculture is increased productivity- more out for less inputs. A typical example is the Magdek Bioheater that reduces humidity while heating poultry sheds, improving bird performance and reducing the need for litter intervention- increased productivity.

Another example again in poultry housing is to replace old extract box fans with modern, non corroding, plastic conversions. Boosting the output and pressure of your fans. High output chimney extracts that will protect nearby SSSI and with pressures that will protect your litter. A simple solution that has a huge impact for a low investment level. Better airflows in any animal house are always beneficial, drying and protecting.

We apply the same techniques to calf and cattle housing- more enclosed housing and lower mobility of herds leads to higher incidences of pneumonia. Damaging to the productivity of the growing animal. Magdek calf vents are the simplest way to dry the air in a calf or cattle house and remove the aerosols that transport the virus between animals.

All these systems are economic and effective. Often like the calf vents, the savings in vets fees and medication alone can payback equipment costs in months.

If your growing potatoes- the ETB is our solution for small growers. Refrigerate 100 Tonnes from a domestic power supply. Get those tubers out of the field in the good weather in one visit and store. Save £thousands on fuel costs alone. Less time harvesting meant higher productivity

We have  a new sales office and store in Montgomeryshire, at LLanfair Caereinion. And a very clever and approachable sales manager El Lewis who can be contacted through the enquiry/order form or on 07530720905. A specialist in the dairy industry El has her own Well Dry Mastitis treatments. Shes also no stranger to the broiler industry having spent 4 years working in local broiler farms.

Whether arable farming or stock rearing, whether ventilating, drying, feeding, watering or simply storing Magdek has a solution. Use the enquiry form for a response within 24hrs.

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We provide heating, cooling and ventilation systems for the agricultural industry

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