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Magdek – making farm environmental control more profitable.

We have a conservative government. That means the money men in the city make more money and the pound strengthens. So imports- especially food products will start to flow. We have to respond by being more productive about our farm business. Luckily Magdek specialise in  products, that do just that, make you money for less. The positive side is that the Tories tend to be landowners and respect the efforts of farmers. Lets hope they continue to support the RHI system of support and the other agri energy products that are reviving and supporting our food producers and greening our nation.
Lets hope they recognise the way that farm energy is avoiding nuclear investment and the need for a vast new grid by providing energy at point of use.Come on Mr Cameron, no more degression- invest for growth.

  • Verticle and Horizontal Bioheaters under test.
  • High Air Velocity gives long distribution flume for airflow.
  • Fattening House Chimneys
  • New Alke Feeder systems
  • Mr and Mrs Burne - Langwathby "The ventilation had to be improved and the chimneys had to be out of the Helm wind and thats exactly what Magdek delivered."
  • Taken at LAMMA 2015.
  • Polyurethane inlet systems
  • Calf Ventilation Systems
  • Air Boost system fitted. Vertical air now at 14m/s minimising impact on solar panels and SSSI
  • Girton, Lincolnshire.
    Established broiler site with exhaust contaminating solar panels and SSSI
  • Welcome to Magdek, we make heating, cooling and ventilation systems for farmers

 Here are a few Farmer Favourites

New Bioheater - (View Photos)

Polyethylene M3S conversions - (View Photos)

Super efficient ERP Multifans

Calf Vents -(View Photos)

ETB vegetable Cooler

Economic and effective systems that make you money. Often like Calf Vents, the savings in vets fees and medication alone can payback equipment costs in months. And to service our favourite people better, we have bases in both Welshpool and Belfast. Phone 07710295584 or 07530720905 or email

Welcome and thankyou.

William Morgan


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